Welcome to the Freestone Fly Angler website.   We offer guided fly fishing trips  on the Elk River in Fernie, B.C.  as well as other destinations such as the Crowsnest River and Old Man Rivers of Alberta.   There is a lifetime of water to check out in this world class fly fishing destination and our guides are passionate about sharing their knowledge of these aquatic gems. This is the home of the Rocky Mountains  which was created 70 million years ago when the laramid orogeny pushed bedrock through the earths crust to form these impressive slopes. Glaciers and water sculpted this spiny range to create the dramatic valleys and peaks which provide the rugged setting of our freestone trout streams. This geological process has created a perfect home for the abundance of fish and wildlife that thrive in the native habitat of these mountains. Further to the west close to the town of Nelson BC is the Upper Columbia River; a large ‘undiscovered’ tailwater that is home to some superb dry fly fishing for rainbows. This is our guiding region and we’d love to share it with you on your next fly fishing trip.


A Streaming Glimpse of Our Waters  (click here to watch our video)

Columbia River Rainbow Released Back Into the Wild

Upper Columbia River Rainbow Release

In the Elk River Drainage we primarily target native cutthroat  trout, however; the region also supports a large population of bull trout, a large char with a veracious fish eating appetite that is endangered in other parts of the Rocky Mountains. On the Eastslope of the Rockies in Southwestern Alberta we have the added luxury of fishing for wild rainbows, browns and cuttbows.  It is possible to catch all four of these fish within a multi-day trip as all of these fish swim within a two hour drive of the Fernie area. We are truly blessed to be guiding in one of the greatest trout fisheries on the planet.


Elk River Cuttie

A Classic Elk River Cutthroat

The fish are well fed by a supporting cast of bugs from terrestrials to aquatic invertebrates. Dry fly fishing is the rule most of the day and it is what the area has become famous for. That being said nymphs, emergers and streamers are used during low surface feeding periods as well as on the more technical waters. All of our fly fishing guides are well equipped with large selections of contemporary patterns and techniques that will keep you into fish throughout your trip. Whether you are on the Elk River throwing large, leggy flies for cutthroats or delicately presenting caddis in huge back eddies to rainbows on the Columbia River; our guides always do their best to provide an amazing angling experience in this beautiful mountain region of the Kootenays and South Western Alberta.


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