Freestone Fly Angler is a boutique styled guide service that serves the Kootenay region of British Columbia and the South Western corner of Alberta.  We are a collection of guides and friends brought together by our passion for angling and our appreciation of the good life.  All our guides are skilled oarsman with years of guiding experience on rivers throughout North America.   Although each of our guides is unique in their approach to guiding  the one common thread for us  is a willingness to have fun and enjoy the life we have created.  No prima donna’s or ego centric guides here….just a few motivated trout bums living the dream.  We guide

Our Guides


jeff crow

Jeff grew up in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia and stalked trout on his Home Waters from an early age.  By his mid teens it became clear to him that a life on the river was his path and by 18 he was guiding full time on  his local rivers.  Jeff brings a lot of knowledge and intensity to the river and his knack for feeding trout food when they really don’t want to eat is unparalleled and somewhat bizarre.  Not sure if it’s inherent, skill, experience or just good damn luck, but he’s one of the best guides out there for keeping rods bent and faces smiling.  He is an extremely competent oarsman and jet sled captain who maintains a healthy  supply of mustards and hot sauces in his cooler….for those of you looking for a little extra spice.  In the fall of 2017 Jeff took over the operations of Freestone Fly Angler and will be operating it with most of the same guides and portfolio of waters.


Curtis Lamey (Guide)

Curtis’  first years of fly angling in British Columbia were set in the mountain lakes of the Kamloops  area before he found his way to the Kootenay region of BC and began fishing the myriad rivers, streams and creeks of the region.  Charmed by the majesty of the mountains and their pristine drainages, he decided to put down some roots and make the Kootenays his home.

Curtis Holding a Friend

Curtis Holding a Friend

He has been guiding in the region since 2002 and helped build Freestone Fly Angler along with the collection of  guides before passing it along to Jeff Mironuck

Curtis will continue to guide in the months of July and August in the Fernie area but will be spending the other parts of the year in his home area, the West Kootenay region of BC near the town of Nelson

As an extension of the guide service, Curtis oversees the creation, production and wholesaling of flies out of South East Asia under the name of Squidbeak Fly Co.





Jonny “Bravo/Nitro” Muir

Jonny's Day Off

Jonny Hoisting Some Meat

Jon is a man of many talents.  An accomplished guitar player, a total stick when it comes to angling, a former bottleslinging, trick wielding bartender and detailed wood worker.  Jon is one of those people that excels at his hobbies and interests and it was no surprise to us that he became one of our top guides on the Elk River.  Often requested and always laughing, Jonny is the complete  guiding package.

He is an excellent oarsman and  his creative reads for spots make for a really enjoyable day of angling.  Combine that with his raw and off the wall sense of humor and you might find yourself having one of the most memorable angling experiences of your life.   He is always willing to provide instruction/abuse when requested.

On top of all this there is no one guide who can lay claim to eating as much mustard on the river as him.  We once witnessed Jon spend his last $5 on a jar of Dijon.  That’s the kind of commitment Jon puts down for the things he loves and he may love guiding as much as the mustard…..


Spencer Schey  ”MOUNTAIN PIG”


MOUNTAIN PIG!!! With A Nice Bull Trout

Formerly a partner in Homewaters Guide Service, Spencer has been neck deep over the last few years running trips on a vast number of streams between Fernie and Alberta.  He spent his early years of fly fishing on the Bow River in  his home town of Calgary but after a while  felt the need to get a little closer to the mountains and made the move to Fernie where he’s been thriving ever since amongst the mountains and river valleys.

Spencer brings a high level of skill to the guiding table as well has a willingness  to go the ass end of a drainage to get his clients into fish and beautiful scenery.  He is often the one guide who has still not returned  by 11 pm due to the great distance of his obscure, off the beaten path destinations.  His love of the sport is pure and his commitment to his clients deep.
  A true outdoorsman, Spencer doesn’t need the creature comforts most do and is quite willing to roll himself in lumber wrap and sleep in a culvert if it means being closer to a fishing destination come  morning time. For some reason we admire him for this and hold the Mountain Pig in very high regard.  He’s definitely one of the most competent and effective guides out there.
He runs his own guide service Fly Fish Fernie but we often share trips and is a well known and favoured guide amongst the Freestone crew.  His website  info is below if you wish to book a trip with him directly:



Andre aka “Old Man Rivers”

Andre...Happy Happy on the Columbia River

Andre…Happy Happy on the Columbia River

When we first met Andre a number of years ago, the connection was instantaneous.   He had been guiding for some of the other outfitters in town (and still does on occasion), but his personality just seemed to blend perfectly into our fold.  An extremely talented guide and angler, fishing with him often turns out to be a reminder of what the sport should really look like.  He’s an artful fly tier whose  patterns are unique, logical, highly visible and extremely effective. 
By far the most experienced of guides on our staff, Andre has spent the last 20 years guiding in Utah (Green River), Northern BC for Steelhead as well as the Fernie, SW Alberta and Calgary area.   He is always willing to provide helpful instruction and his years of experience make him adaptable to all types of fishing situations.  .  Andre knows the back corners of Southwestern Alberta’s waters intimately after having lived there for 10 years.  He currently lives on the Crowsnest River and is our specialist on the Eastslope of the Rockies
His sense of humour and attention to detail compliment each other nicely, truly a pleasure to spend a day on the water with.  And he also likes mustard….and other condiments as well.
This group is comprised of a father, a son, a brother/son in law and a Parker.  Adam Richard, Dean Richard, Derek Nees and Blair Parker are all guides who have been doing this a lot longer than most of us and are probably the purest anglers of us all.  Fishing is what they do.  They don’t tie themselves to one shop or have websites because their demand is high enough they don’t need to. They stay busy working with whom they choose and are definitely some of the most talented guides we’ve worked with  These four have been a big part of the Freestone program over the years and hopefully will continue to be in the future.  We’ve learned a lot from them.