Smaller Waters


Phil Dupuis Hangin' Out in Slabtown

Most anglers have their favourite pet streams.  They are generally private, off the beaten path waterways that connect to a larger and more well known body of water. They require effort to reach and timeliness is key as many are seasonally productive and more exclusive in their hatch cycles. As the angler becomes more aware of the shifts and moods of the stream the more intimate the experience becomes. Relationships with nature are nurtured in these settings and we become compassionate towards the river and it’s inhabitants on a deeper level than we thought imaginable. We become awakened to the intelligence of nature and honour it’s purity…..we begin to treat it like our pet.

Pool on River X

This is the true beauty of the sport of fly fishing, the connection with nature that helps protect our waters from the exploits of industry and development. When these moments in nature are felt we become aware of the energies that exist within the natural world and our sense of preservation grows. This is why we guide, this is why we angle and this is why fly fishing becomes a lifelong passion.  This becomes a positive force in shifting the collective consciousness on the inherent value of the natural world.

River 'Y' Rainbow

The Columbia, Oldman and Elk Rivers all have countless small tribs that capture this feeling of intimacy with nature. We have chosen not to list them out of a sense of responsibility, to avoid over-crowding on streams that simply cannot sustain massive angling pressure to their smaller stature. There are enough ‘River X’ type streams to encompass the entire alphabet and with diligence and care they can be guided on responsibly. We offer a menagerie of walk and wade  streams and love sharing these precious little gems with people willing to make that extra effort.  Be sure to include one of these streams to add a bit of spice to  your next trip to the Kootenays, you won’t regret it.